The MagicMop
The MagicMop
The MagicMop
The MagicMop
The MagicMop
The MagicMop

The MagicMop

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Are you tired of cleaning floors the "old way", washing and cleaning the mop by hand over and over again? Then let the MagicMopTM And Bucket do all the heavy lifting for you and make cleaning your floors and windows a breeze! Take a look at the Magic yourself!

The MagicMopTM And Bucket frees your hands and makes mopping so much easier! No need to rinse the mop pad by hand or change it when it's dirty. Just put the mop into the cleaning groove of the bucket, push up and down several times and the cleaning and decontamination chamber inside the bucket will make the dirt just disappear. And just like that, you're ready to get back to it!

Removing dust, dirt, and debris has never been so easy. Just wipe it across the floor and prepare to be amazed. Works great for all types of floors (except carpet) and is sure to get your floors glittering in quick time. 

Check out just how effective it is HERE!

The MagicMopTM And Bucket is a 4-in-1, multi-functional mop system. It can be used as a broom, a dry mop, a wet mop, and a window cleaner! And the flexible mop head with 360° swivel makes cleaning corners so easy!

How to use the MagicMopTMAnd Bucket:
  1. Open the bucket lid, fill the wash side.
  2. Insert the mop vertically up and down.
  3. Open the lid from the side after use.
  4. Pour out the dirty water by dragging out the rubber plug.
  5. Put the lid back on top of the mop.

Package Includes:
  • 1 x MagicMopTM Magic Eraser Flat Mop
  • 1 x MagicMopTM Bucket
  • Micro-Fiber Cloths (select your preferred number)


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Try the MagicMopTM risk free for 30 days and return it if you're not satisfied! The Grey Stone Club will fully refund all of the items according to our refund policy. 

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